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Grace made sure that Sarah always received things that were better and more expensive than those of other the other child, Anastasia. As the years passed, Sarah learned to be assertive. Both girls wanted to be the best and fought for attention, but Sarah always seemed to do better.

When the girls were five, Grace gave birth to twins Samuel and Samantha. The elder Samuel immediately started to groom his namesake to take position as head of the family while Samantha was left to Grace and her sisters. Sarah still wanted to be the best and made it a point to overshadow her sisters. Anastasia, now known as Stacy and Samantha learned to team up against Sarah in an attempt to earn the same amount of affection and gifts.

When Stacy turned sixteen, she managed to get something that Sarah didn't have. A boyfriend. Sarah grew jealous and did everything in her power to get the boy for herself. She used her siblings, parents and her position of popularity in school to eventually steal the boy, get pregnant with his child, and force her sister to run away.

The boy turned out to be an abusive bastard and Sarah managed to get rid of him fairly easily. She happily continued with her life, having a nanny raise her child until the unthinkable happened. Her Mother was away on a trip and her father discovered that Sarah was not his child. The man was furious and threw the woman and child out. Her mother made sure she got a trust to live on for a short while.

It took a few months of adjustment, but soon Sarah had pushed her way to management in a small clothing boutique, and discovered that she had a talent for leading and persuading people to do what she wanted.

Her child, a boy, is spending time with his Grandmother in London. She adores the little boy and dotes on him much more than she did her own children. Sarah planned on taking the time and getting involved in politics which seemed like a natural calling to her.
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