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Mun Information

Name/nickname: Nikki
Journal: [ profile] nikcool
AIM/MSN name: magickly nikcool
Age: 29
Current Characters in El Dorado: None

Character Information

Name: Sarah Grace Greene
Fandom: None
Canon point: See History
Age: Twenty-one

Brief history: Sarah's parents (Samuel and Grace) were both part of the elite in Los Angeles long before they married and had children. Though they both loved other people, her parents married seven months before Sarah was born.

For eighteen months, the family of three lived a somewhat peaceful existence in a gated mansion. Samuel and Grace only saw each other at public functions and Sarah was raised by a nanny.

One spring day, a visitor came to the gates of the mansion. She stayed for less than an hour, but Samuel now had another daughter. Shortly before his marriage he'd had a short relationship with a free-spirited and mysterious woman. She revealed that she had a daughter, only a few months younger than Sarah.

Samuel, desperate for a reminder of the woman he'd abandoned, took the child in and ordered his wife to raise her as his own. Grace resented the little girl, and Sarah picked up the resentment. The two children barely managed to get along.

Grace made sure that Sarah always received things that were better and more expensive than those of other the other child, Anastasia. As the years passed, Sarah learned to be assertive. Both girls wanted to be the best and fought for attention, but Sarah always seemed to do better.

When the girls were five, Grace gave birth to twins Samuel and Samantha. The elder Samuel immediately started to groom his namesake to take position as head of the family while Samantha was left to Grace and her sisters. Sarah still wanted to be the best and made it a point to overshadow her sisters. Anastasia, now known as Stacy and Samantha learned to team up against Sarah in an attempt to earn the same amount of affection and gifts.

When Stacy turned sixteen, she managed to get something that Sarah didn't have. A boyfriend. Sarah grew jealous and did everything in her power to get the boy for herself. She used her siblings, parents and her position of popularity in school to eventually steal the boy, get pregnant with his child, and force her sister to run away.

The boy turned out to be an abusive bastard and Sarah managed to get rid of him fairly easily. She happily continued with her life, having a nanny raise her child until the unthinkable happened. Her Mother was away on a trip and her father discovered that Sarah was not his child. The man was furious and threw the woman and child out. Her mother made sure she got a trust to live on for a short while.

It took a few months of adjustment, but soon Sarah had pushed her way to management in a small clothing boutique, and discovered that she had a talent for leading and persuading people to do what she wanted.

Her child, a boy, is spending time with his Grandmother in London. She adores the little boy and dotes on him much more than she did her own children. Sarah planned on taking the time and getting involved in politics which seemed like a natural calling to her.

Personality: Sarah freely admits to having a 'large' personality. She insists on dominating whatever she sees as worthy. When she was seven, her sister Stacy got the lead in a ballet recital. Sarah worked hard and pushed herself to become a better dancer and convince the instructor that she deserved to be the lead. She got the role. When her sister started modeling, Sarah was told she was too chubby. Instead of letting that stop her, she found someone willing to take her as a plus sized model. In school, whenever Stacy ran for office, Sarah would make sure she won the seat.

Children teased, but when they did it to Sarah, she did whatever it took to make their lives terrible. When Stacy told her she would never have any friends, Sarah made sure that nearly every child in their grade had a reason to dislike Stacy. When others tried to bully her, she'd have them expelled. A transfer student once spread a rumor that Sarah had lice- a day later, the student was cornered in a hallway and bugs were dumped on her head. By high school, everyone knew not to mess with Sarah Greene.

She was sheltered as she grew up, and did not acknowledge people outside of her own racial and social circles until after she was kicked out. In her world, the ideal hair color is blond and pale skin is tanned every few days. Her dark secret is that she's more of a strawberry blond, and sometimes she skips a tanning session. The only sibling she wants to be seen in public with it her brother. Stacy is a taller, thinner redhead and Samantha wears glasses and somehow ended up with a dark frizzy mess as hair. Neither of them will go to her stylist or wear the clothes she wants them to wear.

Sarah is an extremely strong personality and will let nothing stop her from reaching a goal. When she does love someone, such as her child, they gain an ally who will do whatever she can to stop bad things from happening to them.

Abilities: (If applicable) Sarah does not have any special abilities. She's strong for her size, because she took dance lessons and played lacrosse for many years, and she's great at manipulating people.

Third-person sample: (These are for a different character that I may or may not app later)

Sample 1 -

Sample 2 -

The sheets felt cool and soft for just a second as the sun beamed through the blinds and onto her face, waking her from her peaceful sleep. She smiled and rolled over in bed before realizing that no one else was there.

Sitting up, she looked around and realized that he had long ago left for an early meeting. The room seemed emptier without him, quiet. He had come to mean so much to her in what seemed like a short amount of time.

She reached for a black shirt that had been tossed to the floor the previous night, and slipped it on before getting out of bed. There was something new on the dresser- a box, and a note. The young woman stepped over to look at it, smiling at the note that was scrawled in messy handwriting.

In the box, a ring in her favorite color. He knew her ring size, and had picked out something she loved. How did she get so lucky? She smiled from ear to ear as she put the ring on her right hand, then called a friend to tell her about it.

After describing it to the person on the other end, they wanted to see it. She called her friend over, and while waiting she showered and cleaned up the small apartment. The ring shone and glistened, and she didn't stop looking at it.

Later, the two of them realized that the stones on the ring were diamond and amethyst, and the metal a white gold. The materials in the ring didn't matter as much as the fact that he'd given her a gift. He gave her something that she could wear and be reminded of him.

Her friend left, and she went on with her day. When she and her love were together again, she would thank him.
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